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Better user onboarding, structured posting, data enrichment, automated actions and much more for your Discourse community.
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Take your community to the next level

The Custom Wizard Plugin opens up whole new ways to work with your community.

Structure your posts

Guide your users through a series of fields and steps, then compile their entries into a single Discourse post.

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Enhance your onboarding

Onboard your users with a wizard, introducing them to who you are and what you do.

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Enrich your data

Gather valuable information from your users to store in Discourse, or other services connected via API.

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Trigger automated actions

Perform automated actions in Discourse, or on any services connected with your community

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Fair pricing for Businesses. Shared with Communities.
If using our work as part of a business or organisation you'll want the powerful features and support that come with our business plans. If you’re a small non-profit, charity, or just a community not connected with a business, you can apply for a community subscription.

Use Cases

See how the Custom Wizard is used by different types of communities.

Communities Custom Wizard

The Custom Wizard is the most robust, popular and biggest Discourse plugin

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  • The Custom Wizard Plugin was a much-needed functionality in Discourse. The conditional logic that can be employed with Custom Wizard gives my organisation the functionality we need without any coding.

    Casey Stanton
    Casey Stanton
  • The Custom Wizard plugin has transformed my Discourse site. The Custom Wizard Plugin has dramatically reduced confusion and new topic creation issues.

  • We needed to find a solution for students submitting questions. The Custom Wizard Plugin helps to create automatically tagged structured posts that are well organized so our coaches can respond efficiently and so our students can easily find and refer to past questions.

    Darek Johnson
    Darek Johnson
  • The Custom Wizard Plugin is essential for our Discourse site for health professionals. We use it to join people to groups using their sign-up fields, enabling us to connect people effectively and deliver content and emphasis tailored to the individual.

    Nathan Kershaw
    Nathan Kershaw
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