The Custom Wizard Plugin implemented the subscriptions plans described in Pricing on September 23 2022. This page explains why we're doing this and what you need to do to prepare.

Why Subscriptions?

The Custom Wizard plugin has been available as an open source Discourse plugin since 2017. So why are we introducing subscriptions now?

  • 100% Open Source. Always and forever.

    The plugin code is 100% open source and always will be. There's no separate repository for subscribers. All the code is in the same repository it always has been.

  • Free for communities. Fair pricing for businesses.

    Communities get everything for free. We're asking the businesses who benefit from the plugin to pay a fair subscription fee and to get a professional level of maintenance and support in return.

  • Support the people who build it.

    Your subscription fees go directly to the members of Pavilion who build, maintain and support the plugin. This means we're all the more motivated to give you the best product and support possible.

What You Need To Do

The subscriptions infrastructure was added to the plugin on September 23 2022. Make sure you're ready for the change by watching this video and following the steps below.

That's it! Once you've installed the Subscription Client Plugin, got a subscription and authorized your community, you're ready. You'll see your subscriber features when you update the plugin after the 23rd of September 2022.